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Once we receive the signed AND required information (Mentioned below) we will process your claim with the manufacturer.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • 1

    Reply to the Warranty Ticket Email you received and attach the completed form

  • 2

    Include in the same email pictures of the label of the item clearly showing the product serial number

  • 3

    Attach photos both close up shots (zoomed in) as well as far shots showing the issue.

If the manufacturer determines that the issue is a manufacturer defect and not normal wear and tear from everyday use, and falls under the manufacturer’s limited warranty we will advise if we will:

  • A

    Attach photos both close up shots (zoomed in) as well as far shots showing the issue.

  • B


    Approve an allotted amount to cover repair costs. This amount is determined by the manufacturer and will be refunded to the customer once we receive customer’s receipt from a professional repair company. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange repairs and FurnitureETC will not be responsible to refund any amounts that are not pre approved in writing by FurnitureETC regardless of extent of damage or if hired repair person is able to resolve issue to customer’s satisfaction.

  • C


    Issue replacement item. In the event that the manufacturer covers replacement item cost and approves a replacement item, the customer will still be responsible for shipping costs to get from the manufacturer to the customer. Replacement items will not be ordered until the customer has paid applicable shipping costs.